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Welcome to your Spa Party located at Home sweet Home Brisbane and Gold Coast.  Indulge in a pampering holistic spa party journey with ancient arts of healing shared side by side in a total mind, body & soul spa party journey experience.

massage healing and group meditation and pamper party or spiritual attunement

Planning a wild bridal party is a long-standing tradition, or more specifically bridesmaids have, in recent years, as we all know how stressful wedding planning can be, and your gal surely deserves … to rescue her and give her some supreme pampering like she’s never had before.

Like to have a private day spa for your pre and post-wedding massage and for your hens’ party pamper, or just need a de-stress couples massage. We cater to all Bridal needs and locations from Brisbane – Gold Coast.

Get together for a great night out with a pre-wedding party. would love to personalize a program for you in the lead up to your big day so that you are 100% relaxed and rejuvenated.

The bride traditionally hosts this pre-wedding party. When does it take place? The bridesmaid luncheon is usually held the day before the wedding, after all, members of the bridal party have arrived and before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

How do you plan a bridal spa party?

Your Spa Bridal Party Plan

  1. A spa bridal party is themed around pampering and relaxing.
  2. Make a guest list.
  3. Pick a location.
  4. Select a date.
  5. Pick out cute invitations.
  6. Have fun bridal games, Pinata, or pin the donkey.

What do you wear to a pre-wedding party?

Go with a solid, flowy dress and flirty jewelry. A dress that hits above the knee with heels is perfect to show off your wedding body. If you want to stay with a white dress, bridal showers are a great pre-wedding event for the casual t-shirt dress or even a gorgeous embroidered maxi dress.

Welcome to Heal2Hands Spa & Wellness, experience our signature treatments, and holistic blissful Spa Journey. Your Spa Journey begins today…Unveil a new you with our Delicious body scrubs, and detox wraps, and relaxing spa massage for all – over body therapy packages. The Ancient arts of holistic healing can be shared side-by-side in a total mind and body & soul indulgence. Spa & Wellness is located in the comfort of your home. & Wellness Gift Cards available online.

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