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Course + Workshop


Welcoming to the Awakening course and Healing workshops.  The Awakening Course is hands-on healing and attunement, and theory gives you the tools to adjust to your higher self and densities within Earth’s dimensional upgrades from 3D to the 5D.  Enjoy a continuation of self-healing attunement including an indulging mini-spa pampers within the healing workshop;  The workshop is hands-on healing of each other, allowing for ongoing self-growth, as well as most importantly meeting like-minded people for life.    No experience is needed, just an interest in Healing and Awakening your inner self.


2 + 2 + 2 hours $222 per person
Course Date: 9am-1pm Sunday 21st August 2022.
BONUS Healing Workshop:  2pm-4pm
Location: 1 Chardon Bridge Rd, Cedar Creek QLD 4207

his Awakening course is a fun interactive course, exploring tools to open your 3rd eye and uncover your higher self gifts.  Learn how to use energy in a positive environment, create your protection and that of others around, and set energetic boundaries.  Learn how to use a Pendulum to identify chakra imbalances, and fun activities exploring deep into your lifestyle.

The Awakening course is a prerequisite to all future healing workshops.


111 mins $111 per person
Workshop Date: 2pm-4pm Sunday 21st August 2022.
Location: 1 Chardon Bridge Rd, Cedar Creek QLD 4207

This Healing workshop is a continuation of the Awakening course, you can attend any / all workshops provided.  Engage in practical hands-on healing, sharing with other beautiful souls allowing confirmation and growth.  

Bonus enjoy a spa experience treat “You deserve it” 

What to bring
Bring a bottle of water,  and pack a lunch, a yoga or floor mat, pillow, 1* towel, blanket, Notebook & pen.  Welcome to bring a Pendulum or weighted necklace to be used in both the course and workshop.  You will be provided with digital course notes (Being mindful to not cutting our trees down).



Welcoming to the Healing Art Workshop, take a break, and come join us with some fun art therapy and healing inner work guided by Michelle & Tash.  You will experience a body and soul cleanse, mindful meditation, and aura photo with a full aura and chakra reading, and don’t forget about your individual chakra crystal body balance.  The art therapy and creativity will explore the inner self and awareness with a mask, and day 2 will be visualizing with you individual aura colors for healing and attunement.  These 2 half days of total relaxation and inner work will give you a beautiful insight into the world of creativity and a wonderful healing experience.

Look forward to meeting you soon for fun, and relaxation with Michelle and Tash.

$222 per person

Workshop time: 9am – 12pm Thursday & Friday

Workshop Dates available:
Please call for the next available dates

Elemental Shell Art studio
108 Stubbin Street,
Belivah QLD 4207 




Michelle & Tash

Michelle has been in the art industry for 20+ years and has built a studio in Belivah to provide a calm inviting environment for all who visit.  The studio art activities, team building, paint and sip functions, and art therapy.  Michelle believes that using a holistic approach, with art therapy, can enrich one’s journey of creativity and spirituality.

Tash is a traditional intuitive healer of 20+ years including traditional Beauty therapy as a skin specialist, the best masseuse on earth, loving pregnancy, sports remedial, bamboo and hot stone, and all those lovely indulging spa therapies.  I have owned and operated beauty salons, day spas, and wellness heart-opening retreat’s in Queensland, WA, and New Zealand.  My mission in life is to help Awaken your senses, guide you to your higher self, and acceptance of your amazing gifts.  I have been blessed with a life of paranormal experiences beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.
You are not alone & I am here for you!

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Psychedelic Spa Retreat
Mind, Body & Soul
Bali – Ubud

Psychedelic Spa Retreat

Mind, Body & Soul 
Bali – Ubud

This is an expression of interest to join us in Bali Ubud for a 5-day Psychedelic spa retreat, this retreat with intense relaxation and rejuvenation, unwinding therapies including a combination of European & Indonesian cooked foods, Yoga, Massage, Meditation, and healing arts to uplift and awaken the soul from the inside out. 

Leading up to the magic mushroom session we will be working on healing the body and decluttering the mind, and nourishing the soul.

This unique retreat will be teaching you about the Psychedelic magic mushrooms and their benefits, and understanding of the amazing medicine gifted from Gaia our Mother Earth.   The Psychedelic medicine will be conducted in a group environment, closely monitored to create a warm safe comfortable environment for you to enjoy and experience.  You will experience the profound healing and realizational experience for your life going forward in positive steps.

Psychedelic Mushrooms remove HEAVY METALS from the brain. They reverse ADDICTION & reduce low vibrational emotions such as STRESS, FEAR, & WORRY… they do not mind control, they are mind EXPANDING.

Psychedelic Spa Retreat Package

Accommodation 4 nights.
Airport transfers to & from.
Bali-style breakfast, lunch, and buffet dinner.
Aura picture & chakra analysis report.

Daily Bali spa menu of your choice.
Daily Sunrise awakening energy work with Yoga / Tai Chi.
Daily Sundown relaxation meditation.
Day 1 Arrival & Relaxation.
Day 2 & 3 Awakening & Healing workshop.

Day 4 Psychedelic group session.
Day 5 Group session & departure.

Airplane Tickets are not included.

Psychedelic Spa Retreat Package
17th-21st October 2022
Bali – Ubud

$3333.00 AUD

Your spiritual investment 3333 angelic meaning
Angel number 3333 indicates that you’re ready for a spiritual awakening and spiritual growth. You’re embarking on a journey to become a more enlightened individual. Angel number 3333 tells you to let go of all your worries and fears. The only way to truly appreciate the joy of life is to take a leap into the unknown.


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