Pendant – Tribal Spirit Greenstone Bird




Pendant – Tribal Spirit Greenstone Bird

The Tribal Spirit Greenstone Bird means flying in our house is peace, change, and freedom.

The Greenstone Bird gem accesses the animal’s spiritual energies. Birds symbolize inspiration, freedom, and spirituality. Flying close to the sky, birds serve as messengers from heaven. In Feng Shui, birds bring new opportunities. Place gem-carved birds in your healing space, office or hold the figurine during meditation and law of attraction.

– Engaged in a Full Moon cleansing ceremony
– Engaged in a Pola Santo cleansed
– Activated Crystal with deep meditation using PHRYLL which is God’s source infused energy-charged crystal (Note PHRYLL energy is like a battery, it will fade with time in contact. To Activate your Crystal, connect via a Zoom meeting followed with a guided meditation + energy infusion. Exchange $20)

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