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Retreats have long been equated with escape and refuge – relief from the stress of everyday life. Certainly, physically removing yourself from daily tasks and pressures can help you relax and gain a fresh perspective on life. But beyond “getting away from it all,” retreats can also provide a unique sort of challenge – the challenge of adjusting your rhythm, abandoning your routines, and reconsidering your unconscious, default approach to daily life.

Meditation & Body Chakra Body Healing

Rather than putting yourself against strictly athletic and environmental objectives, you’re required to shift your internal gears, to examine and rebuild their mechanisms, and to refocus their energies. Instead of coming home with tales of wild adventure, you tend to come home with a clearer, more simplified view of what matters in your life, and with new tools to help you lead it.

So the next time you feel the need to “escape” from life and recharge your batteries, think twice about heading out for a white-water rafting or mountain-climbing trek that could leave you more wound up and exhausted than before. Instead, revitalize your body, mind, and soul with a retreat that leaves you changed for the better.

Blissful Meditation

Nature Retreats

What motivates someone to seek out a nature retreat? It may be getting stuck in one too many traffic jams or spending too many consecutive weeks toiling in a windowless cube. It may be a growing sense that your priorities are whacked or that your possessions are encroaching on you. Perhaps you are going through a transition in your personal life or career. Whatever the motivation, sometimes what you really need is to hear birds singing, the wind in the trees, a brook babbling. You need to feel the crunch of branches and rock under your feet. You need to see broad vistas instead of billboards, to smell the earth and feel the sun on your face.

Let’s face it – most of us could stand to get outside more, and a back-to-nature retreat is a great way to shake off that cooped-up feeling. “When daily pressures build-up, our guests find renewal here in the scenic outdoors close to nature,”

Tribal retreat smoking ceremony

Self-help and personal-growth workshops and classes are commonly offered at nature retreats, as are group hikes, river rafting, horseback riding, and local sightseeing tours. And the settings for nature retreats vary widely – from ocean-side, to deep woods, to desert, to mountaintop.

Book our day retreat Soul Journey located at Albert B&B country getaway for a day of self-discovery, offered on an amazing country setting of tranquil acreage nestled between Brisbane and Gold Coast.

The Dreamtime soul journey will transform you, we have created a sacred space for connection and transformation through a combination of sound therapy drumming, breath work, individual chakra body balance, and enlightenment.
Awaken the Mind, Body & Soul.

The Dreamtime soul journey is an uplifting day of soul journey is created to transform you & give you the experience to live an authentic self, and expand your mind to upgrade your life on all levels – energetically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Unplug yourself & recharge your Soul.

Tribal Vibration Drumming

This Mindful retreat helps with deep body relaxing meditation through breathwork, Clear, Release, Heal, and Awaken.  Tribal drumming vibration sound therapy to awakening your soul.  We will do some Chakra body balance for each individual healing and energetic alignment. Leave our session feeling clear and empowered.

Chill time to explore and relax poolside, followed by an afternoon of a magical time for creativity and code enlightenment.  Explore tribal mother Gaia & crystal mandala workshop.  The mandala workshop taps into your imaginative intuitive mind to reveal your authentic self.  Your Dreamtime soul journey includes a light lunch, herbal tea, and refreshments.

WHO is this retreat for? Those interested in living a next-level life, accessing their peak performance in mind and body, bio-hacking, personal growth, emotional healing, trauma release, living a more conscious, open-hearted, and joyful life.

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Live Life to your full potential

Book our day retreat Soul Journey located at The Kooralbyn valley country getaway for a day of self-discovery.

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