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When life gets extremely busy and a way to find time for yourself or a loved one overworked or stressed and needs relaxation

Finding time to unwind and relax is usually last on our list of priorities. However, finding ways to fit relaxation into your schedule is important, as it can help keep not only our physical health in check but our mental health as well. Allowing yourself time to practice self-care or even just do something you enjoy can help instill balance in your life and even improve your performance in the other areas you’re working on.

“Your think Wellness is expensive, Try Illness.”

“A busy schedule translates into stress on your mind, body, and soul,” says stress expert Dr. Pete Sulack over email. “Even though most of us equate being stressed and busy with success, the truth is that chronic stress will eventually lead to premature aging of your cells, a dumping down of your mind, and a significant increase in the risk for modern diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, dementia, hormonal disruptions, and diabetes. Finding time to relax is an important and effective counterbalance to the stresses of everyday modern life.”

“Keep an eye on your well-being, as much as your Instagram”

Unwind With a Massage

One-step and book online 24/7 Spa & Wellness best Massage on Gold Coast – Brisbane.  Your Spa Therapist will personalize your treatment, performing a selection of wellness services custom-tailored to your needs. Your 90 or 120-minute experience will include Swedish massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and other remedies essential to your body’s balance and well-being, helping you feel focused, relaxed and ready to take on the world.

How to relax the mind with meditation

Learn more about this popular relaxation method.

What is meditation? It’s a deep relaxation method that stills the mind and stops the constant chatter in your head. When this internal dialogue ceases the mind settles. Because the mind and the body are so closely related, when the mind is still, the body can begin to relax too.

Quite simply: meditation gives you peace of mind. This is why long-term meditators have a reputation for being such relaxed people!  Research has shown the rest we get during meditation is actually much deeper than the rest gained in sleep (20 minutes of meditation can be equivalent to 7 hours’ shut-eye). And we all know how much a good night’s sleep – or lack thereof – can affect our performance at work and at home.  Rest is nature’s way of healing our body. As deep rest is an essential aspect of recovery and rejuvenation, meditation plays an important role in enlivening your inner healer.

So why meditate?

Meditation has more benefits than most people realize. It lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, reduces stress toxins in your body and brings peace, relaxation, and happiness into everyday life.  This relaxation response is why those at the highest levels of corporate success are taking time to meditate, reducing stress levels and improving overall well-being.

So how can I meditate?

Here’s a quick how-to guide:

Get comfortable

The most important thing with meditation is to be comfortable. You don’t want to be sitting for 20 minutes thinking that your legs, arms or bottom is hurting. This will prevent you from meditating. It is best to sit in an upright position with good back support.

Switch off

Begin by closing your eyes and start repeating the mantra ‘OM’ or ‘So-Hum” silently to yourself. When you notice thoughts popping up in your head, gently go back to repeating your mantra to help them drift away.

Feel the benefits

After 20 minutes, stop repeating your mantra and take a few moments before slowly opening your eyes. You will find your body and your breathing will have slowed down. And you will feel more relaxed, calm and energize.

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