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Experience our signature spa, soul party, retreats, and wellness with advanced cutting-edge technological medical frequency treatments.  Holistic meets Science for the best health, for a total Mind Body & Soul.

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“I had a crystal healing and would highly recommend Heal2Hands.  I was a little skeptical about the crystal healing, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had vivid dreams after the healing just like Russell said, and in the weeks that followed did feel a shift in my energy.” – Danielle G

“My first experience with crystal healing with Russell was very good, he happily explained the process to me as he was performing the healing.  I couldn’t believe the difference I felt in myself after the healing. My motivation increased and my mood/emotion is definitely more positive. Overall, an incredible experience. One I will definitely be recommending to family and friends. ” – Erica

“In a world that seems so fast paced, it’s often “time out” that gets neglected. I was told that I need to make myself a priority and having a crystal healing ticked all the boxes. As soon I entered Heal2Hands the vibe nurtured the soul. It was peaceful in sight, smell and sound. Russell wasn’t what I imagined a “healer” to look like, but I felt very safe and secure in his hands. It was a first for me and I enjoyed the session. Russell was happy to answer my curious questions and let me know what I may expect. After my session I felt a lovely calm I’ve not experienced for a long time… and usually only achieved by a long relaxing holiday! That night I fell asleep and felt so rested in the morning. I still have the feeling of calmness and would definitely go again just to maintain my sense of self.” – Tamara Piscopo

“Wow:) Perfect day, No driving anywhere after such a relaxing healing wrap and facial. I have told my friends see you soon heal2hands” – Sally Baker

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